"I have made mysterious Nature my religion. I do not believe that a man is any nearer to God for being clad in priestly garments, nor that one place in a town is better adapted to meditation than another. When I gaze at a sunset sky and spend hours contemplating its marvelous ever-changing beauty, an extraordinary emotion overwhelms me. Nature in all its vastness is truthfully reflected in my sincere though feeble soul. Around me are the trees stretching up their branches to the skies, the perfumed flowers gladdening the meadow, the gentle grass-carpeted earth, …and my hands unconsciously assume an attitude of adoration. …To feel the supreme and moving beauty of the spectacle to which Nature invites her ephemeral guests! …that is what I call prayer."
- Claude Debussy

What do you believe happens after death?

- Asked by Anonymous

All we really know is that we return to the cosmic flux from whence we came, paying our mound of flesh for the life we’re given.  I would recommend great skepticism toward any individual who would assert the specifics of any sort of conscious after death experience.  One cannot logically attest to an intangible experience, we do not perceive in the absence of consciousness.

If one were to entertain the idea of an afterlife grounded in logic, we are technically the culmination of all life that’s come before us, from the friction between atoms, to our oldest known ancestors striving to exist, and now the joint efforts of our parents and experiences they’ve amassed.  We are living their “afterlife”, carrying forth the cosmic priority in refinement and expansion.

I want to find something good and meaningful to do with my life but don't know what. Any ideas?

- Asked by letsgo-bb

"Meaning" as far as living generally goes, is balancing the many facets of individual growth with contribution to the collective.  This dynamic can only be achieved if those within your environment are aware enough to favor education, empowerment, and intimate connection, rather than conditioned thought processes, assumptions, cultural programming, pseudo priorities that are a product of our consumer status quo, etc.

You will most likely have to create this desired dynamic via suggesting constructive alternatives to those you coexist alongside of, and as a means of bridging the gap between yourself and others, as all of these conditioned illusions are means of sustaining separation.

When people begin to take a step out of their fantasy’s and simulation, and actually meet you in Reality with the knowledge of what they are and what they are capable of perceiving and achieving, will you discover “meaning” as an obvious component to your daily human experience.

Where did you get most of your knowledge from? I mean, how did you become enlightened? Did someone teach you or was it all you?

- Asked by Anonymous

My process of education was motivated via the desire to transcend my totally paralyzing social anxiety and agonizing repression that I initially misunderstood as conditions I could only cope with.

Any demonstrated ability/understanding on this blog has been developed via years of acute observation, one on one interaction with a myriad of personalities, and analysis of the cause and effect of behavior.  This would eventually lead me to certain epiphanies regarding the human psyche and general cosmic phenomena, and is the basis of my archive of meticulously structured lessons for self empowerment routed in maintaining a relationship with Reality.

What type of person would you personally be willing to invest your time, emotions, and affection into? Whether that entails a friend, lover, companion or the like?

- Asked by Anonymous

I prioritize individuals to the extent that they strive to educate and empower themselves, as well as share my desire to orchestrate a status quo based on the truth, in all of it’s subtlety and intensity.  Those who recognize virtue in expression rather than repression, a perspective grounded in logic, those who are sensitive…but assertive, and possess an innate empathy backed by a discipline to minimize suffering.  Anyone who is humbled by their opportunity to exist, whose priorities are not misconstrued in apathy, self destruction, and escapism, I would certainly love to know.

This isn’t to say that I will not entertain company that doesn’t possess all of these traits, but those who do will passionately compel priority from me, rather than the general convenience of intimacy.

Do you think a great notion like world peace can only be achieved when man is excluded from the picture?

- Asked by cesarplas117

Consenting to our own mass extinction for the sake of a peace we couldn’t even be present to appreciate is a total, unnecessary failure.  Leaving the planet to organisms of lesser awareness would not resolve the issue, as they share the same carnality that compels our own aggression.  We on the other hand, with the ability of educating ourselves, are capable of structuring a benevolent disposition capable of significantly minimizing suffering in the world.  We as a species are in the midst of a massive psychological immaturity, and we owe it to 14 billion years of grueling cosmic evolution to transcend it.

We need to begin recognizing and celebrating our likeness as human beings, rather than blindly wage war over delusions of separation justified upon years of brainwashing and fear based conditioning.  The misconception that we are so different from others is the product of being sold various consumer identities, ingrained in our minds at a young age, that aren’t true to Reality.  Common components to the illusion of self entail religious belief, race, cultural background, nationality, socio-economic status, music interests, sports interests, clothing style, etc.  These are trivialities dramatized to feign importance.

We are the entirety of cosmic phenomena condensed into flesh and blood at the forefront of evolution, individual points of consciousness acting as appendages on a single cosmic body, an interlocking Reality bound by cause and effect.  Indifference to the collective is irresponsibility, apathy is a state of decay.

Salvation lies in this awareness of interconnection, the only completely rational, motivating perspective that yields an innate empathy for all mankind, and would thus demand that we seek to minimize suffering, because we would recognize that this suffering is our own.

how does one even even end agonizing self-sabotage behavior/thoughts/tendencies? especially when they are within a relationship.

- Asked by Anonymous

Relationship or not, the tendency to self sabotage is motivated by the comfort of routine, a desire routed in our basic need for security.  Our need to maintain this security is often preferred over certain inevitable risks that progression may entail.

Recognize that security does not depend on passive submission to familiarity, it lies in the extent that one is capable of creating desired circumstances.  Begin thrusting yourself into environments that demand use of the innate potential within you that lies dormant, so that you will observe first hand what you are capable of.

Due to societies conditioning I feel guilty for not conforming to their expectations and I fight change as well as refuse to leave my comfort zone because of it. I wish to learn to "go with the flow" or something along those lines while maintaining my individuality as an introvert. Any advice as to go about starting that process?

- Asked by kushling

Do not confuse guilt for not conforming with the fear of disapproval.  You don’t owe the status quo an apology.  Feel ashamed if you find yourself squandering your innate potential in fear based conditioning, social persona’s, and irrational ideologies, but certainly not for maintaining honesty with yourself..

Accept the inevitable inconvenience of living authentically in a society with deception as it’s very foundation.  Recognize that this is not “doing things the hard way” or that it is one of many options, it is the only option if you would seek refinement and expansion.

You can minimize risk by meticulously organizing your intentions, but there’s ultimately no comfortable way out of the comfort zone.  Thrust yourself into the unknown so that you may familiarize yourself with it, cultivating the security of anticipation.

(View introversion as an inclination rather than an identity, you are comprised of many traits and compulsions that you risk limiting via taking on that label)

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