Do you plan on having kids in the future?

- Asked by Anonymous

Certainly, but only when I possess a substantial financial security, and know that I will be able to maintain a significant presence in their life while fulfilling other ambitions.

That’s aside from the importance of having to be so dramatically, passionately compelled toward another woman that I would feel content justifying such a significant commitment, which is essentially an act of worship at that point.  The act of consenting to someone as my “other half”, literally though, not simply as a social construct, but in in the tangible product of our union, a child.

At times I am seated with a deep anger and despair as well as a feeling of incompleteness. I get these feelings spontaneously and I don't know what to do anymore if I didn't have the amount of self control I do I'm sure I would've ended up in a horrible fight by now this feeling is driving me crazy Any thoughts on how to fill the gap?

- Asked by Anonymous

If you’re feeling trapped in a cage, it is most likely the product of the fear based conditioning that you, like most of us, have been subjected to, and unconsciously propagate via the lack of awareness of your own abilities to transcend confining circumstances.

Analyze your daily structure and social interactions for the occasions that you consent to repression and sacrifice your will to preconceived notions of what’s socially acceptable.  Focus on acknowledging the vast spectrum of options that you actually have, and cultivate your will to express yourself authentically.  This should dramatically reduce your frustration.

Recently my best friends parents have been saying rude and hurtful things to me such as I have no life, I'm lazy, I'm a bad influence, etc. When I know for a fact I haven't done anything besides help and encourage their daughter. What can I do?

- Asked by adventureandexplore

Initiate a constructive, communicative confrontation so that you can attempt to resolve your confusion and put an end to this discord.

Ask them to elaborate on their vague, condemnatory accusations.  Challenge their basis of reason, considering your knowledge that what they assert is either based on a misconception, or a desire to intentionally justify demonizing you because of your influential presence in their daughters life, which compels these insults as power plays to derail your momentum.

How can I become more comfortable with talking in front of people? Usually I freak out and my words stutter and I want to move past that.

- Asked by Anonymous

Well, freaking out and stuttering means that you’re at least trying.  You are going through the process of familiarizing yourself with an unfamiliar dynamic.  This is not something that you will be forever condemned to, so long as you remain persistent in this endeavor to socialize with others.

Don’t be afraid to be honest regarding your anxiety.  People will find you far more desirable if they recognize your initiative to prioritize authenticity when communicating, rather than the generic social banter and self deception of “trying to fit in”.

How do you feel about high school relationships??

- Asked by Anonymous

They will work to the extent of the honesty, discipline, and awareness of those partaking in them.  I don’t dismiss the possibility of a dynamic working simply because those orchestrating them happen to be young.

Youth does not necessarily entail immaturity.  Maturity is a testament to the condensed experience and initiative to educate oneself within a particular time frame, not simply the length of time one has been alive.

Is it irrational to think of formal education as merely another tool for government to brainwash children and teenagers? If so, what advice do you have to escape this situation?

- Asked by Anonymous

School is essentially 12 years of obedience conditioning in the guise of education, which yields passivity and blind adherence to authority figures.  This completely obscures awareness of the innate priority in actually educating oneself, because students then associate education with mundane, unfulfilling tasks that are so obviously trivial.

My advice would be to analyze your school days for the specific occasions of intimidation that encourage repression.  Once you establish an awareness of the formula, you can establish one of your own to persist against it.  Understanding the pattern gives you control.  You will learn more from observing the enforced structure and social dynamics, essentially the architecture of your oppression, than you will the lessons.

That isn’t to say that certain lessons are irrelevant to one’s well being, but all of these books and articles are secondary information, and can only be validated via having experienced such phenomena personally.  All recorded information is someone else’s sensory perception, words are convenient labels for phenomena perceived.  The only authentic means of amassing knowledge is through direct experience and experimentation with one’s environment.

You're always talking about the security of anticipation. Do you ever feel it's better not to know what's going to happen?

- Asked by Anonymous

The security of anticipation, knowledge, truth, etc, essentially the discipline to maintain one’s perspective grounded in Reality rather than faith/ignorance, is what I am suggesting with these terms.  This is not to suggest avoidance of the unknown, however, as one can only learn and empower themselves through direct experience with the unknown.

I suggest balancing structure with chaos.  Unfamiliar environments/social dynamics are healthy for the sake of establishing a more cohesive awareness in the unique factors they may entail, which will activate that subtle, but constructive insecurity that compels an acute sensitivity to one’s environment, and thus the education this yields.

Why do people lie?

- Asked by Anonymous

Deception is the process of withholding knowledge from others, and orchestrating an illusion in it’s place, so that the deceiver may maintain security in the awareness that those he/she feels threatened by are viewing Reality through the lenses of their sabotaged perspective, no longer threats due to the misinformation that dismantles their initiative.

Of course, it is only possible to be deceived through faith based adherence to claims made by others.  One must maintain loyalty only to the vivid sensation of their own personal experience with cosmic phenomena.

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