Thoughts on Christianity?

- Asked by Anonymous

As an institution, it’s a hierarchy of charismatic deceivers who veil their selfish intentions in claims of benevolence and divinity, conditioning others via subtle, meticulously implemented power plays that encourage faith.

As a practice, it’s perspective confining dogma, fear based adherence to a creed that demands dismissal of any education that does not conveniently support the belief system, a state of denial that perpetually hinders growth.

It is the illusory security of identity and wishful thinking of a conscious afterlife that demands a lifestyle of repression to attain, ironically inhibiting one from living fully, thus individuals sacrifice the lives they seek to preserve, their minds at play in fantasy while they forsake their only Reality.

Have you ever considered teaching as a profession?

- Asked by Anonymous

Perhaps if I wasn’t required to consent to 4+ years of monotonous conformity to institutions that feign empowerment and education, that will chip away at my resolve, psychologically cripple me, and saddle me with thousands of dollars worth of debt, simply to reinforce what I already know that I’m capable of.

I will continue to campaign myself via consistent demonstration, and organize various networking strategies that allow better control over my circumstances, rather than support the cynical notion that submission to the status quo is the only option.

Overcoming unrequited love?

- Asked by Anonymous

Utilize the pain of rejection as motivation to establish a lifestyle that demands desire.  We are biologically inclined to favor the company of those who, in their initiative, essentially demand us acknowledge their significance via the security that we recognize they can provide.

Educate yourself on the human psyche, understand that which compels desire, purge yourself of toxic habits, anxiety, and repression.  Stop making excuses.  Stop eating processed garbage that pollutes your mind and body. Take yourself seriously, and thus you will show others why they should as well.

Hello. Do you think that consciousness is something that evolved over time or is it the product of a grand design?

- Asked by mantd

Consciousness refinement is a product of evolution, the biological recognition that greater awareness yields opportunity for greater security.

As far as a “grand design” goes, it would seem that we are all components to a single intention fragmented into the organic vessels we inhabit, with the duty of carrying this legacy forward as individual points of consciousness that act as appendages on a single cosmic body.

The manifestation of the universe, the big bang, is essentially a kind of common ancestor that we all share, as we stem from it like branches on a tree.  Although there is perceived space between us, it is only of degree, and we are bound by cause and effect.

Hey, soo you see I have a mental disorder called "ADHD", which means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and I would really appreciate it if you can suggest ways to control some of the symptoms like hyperactivity and impulsivity. Thank you.

- Asked by Anonymous

ADHD is essentially hyperactive pattern recognition, the state of being overwhelmed by your own advanced cognition, which actually holds great potential when harnessed constructively, rather than something to be regarded as a disorder.

Working out consistently, purging your diet of toxins, and making sure that you are getting more than enough nutrition is absolutely essential to your health, and will aid in diminishing symptoms of ADD.  Strategically implementing a bit of caffeine intake can also dramatically aid in focus.

Designate a particular environment for productivity, one absent of distractions, that only entails the tools necessary for whatever needs to be accomplished.  You need to discipline yourself to maintain focus on whatever you’ve justified prioritizing.  Your goal is to persist through the conditioned compulsion to seek out temporarily appeasing stimuli.

Organize a complex list of desires on paper and find relief in the observation of yourself accomplishing small tasks, no matter how seemingly trivial, as a means of positively reinforcing the discipline you’re cultivating.

What do you think's the most important character trait?

- Asked by Anonymous

An unyielding honesty with oneself and others, the essential trait for education and communication, self empowerment and co-empowerment. Authenticity is the only discipline that will reconfigure our status quo to no longer entail a vast majority of citizens who have allowed their psyches to degenerate in repression, denial, and complacency.

What motivated you to embrace an intellectual lifestyle?

- Asked by charlesthebibliophile

When I began making connections between the oppression I’ve been subjected to in my life, and how faith in the intentions of authority figures perpetuates the delusions enforcing this behavior.  This can be anything from nationalistic propaganda and organized religion, to institutions of obedience conditioning that we call “school”.

Maintaining an analytical disposition is an essential survival mechanism in a society whose tyrants utilize elaborately structured deception in conjunction with a vast understanding of the human psyche, to enforce their will.

Do you meditate personally?

- Asked by Anonymous

Not traditionally, I carry with me a meditative kind of disposition throughout my day, a kind of ever present analytical backdrop to the happenings of my environment, backed by my initiative to refrain from self censorship and the agonizing repression that this would entail.

This discipline generally leaves me in a consistent state of meditation-like awareness, sensitivity, and inner peace.  If I more frequently bent to the will of those of oppressive behavior, I would be more likely to seek out psychological relief in certain meditative practices.

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