Transcending the Illusion of Separation

Separation:  The place at which a division or parting occurs.

The route of all delusion here in our world, is indisputably the illusion of separation.  All separation is merely a psychological misconception, and thus the ultimate illusion.  An illusion that when confused with Reality, renders one in a state of painful insecurity and justified indifference to others.  It renders one in excessive need for self priority before the consideration of humanity’s collective presence on our planet.  It is in this muddied perspective that results in the birth of egotism, the definitive mental illness.  It is the epitome of societal conditioning, sustaining neurotic lifestyles due to the feeling of overwhelming isolation in the misconception of perceiving one’s existence as fragmented.  It is in this vulnerability that corporations, the government, and organized religion will sweep in to offer artificial relief from this pain.  A privileged aristocracy of illusionists that have conjured the false reality of division to sustain the idea that your servitude to this defunct system is necessary to experience security.  They sustain your oppression through brainwashing you to desire misconceptions of unity such as nationality, religion, sex, race, age, clothing style, musical taste, etc.  Labels that sustain our confusion and delusion of severance.  A system that ultimately acts as an anti cosmos of hate and annihilation.

Let us assess this physically.  You view your environment, with the ability to differentiate objects based upon the space between them.  This does not render them separated though.  Our five senses are limited in their ability alone to perceive, so we have created devices that increase the capability of our senses to better grasp our knowledge of the universe.  Through these tools and general application of the scientific method to all that is observable, we have achieved the understanding that all that is perceivable is literally physically connected.  How could one ever experience a lack of contentment with the knowledge that they are one with all, and that all evolution is a personal testament to the very life that inhabits their body.  In relinquishing the vanity of individuality, “I” becomes “we”, and “mine” becomes “ours”.  We are mine, and I am ours.    The self exists beyond our physical vessel.  To believe we are separate from our environment merely because we are not rooted to the ground as trees, is ignorance.  Allow your psyche to reconstruct itself with this knowledge.  In syncing our perception with with reality as it truly is, we awaken from our nightmare of egotism.  Apart from nothing, vain attempts to sustain one’s individuality decay gracefully as the universe opens it’s eyes to witness it’s all encompassing magnificence.

We celebrate our knowledge of interconnection through intimacy, both mental and physical.  Genuine empathy is achieved through the realization of interconnection, the indisputable collective energy that is all life and courses through all things.  This harmony is achieved psychologically through understanding that we can relate to all things based on mutual drive to create and progress.  No longer must you feign interest in relating based upon petty consumer similarities to build relationships with others.  We do not need to accept convenient delusions for the false security they yield.  You will only discover true security in the understanding that you are one with all.  You will discover that love is anything but rare, when you realize that nature and all of humanity is your soul mate.  Life is collective and existence is purpose, the will of the cosmos.


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    The place at which a division or parting occurs. The route of all delusion here in our world, is indisputably the...
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